LSAT NEWS: Unlimited LSAT Writings & New Test Dates

As of September 2017 LSAC is no longer limiting you to 3 writings of the LSAT per 2 year period. You can now write the LSAT unlimited times. This is big news, because it allows you write the LSAT more than once without fear of “wasting” your writings.

However, you have to remember that when you submit your law school applications the law schools can see how many times you have written the test. All of your previous writings get listed on your score report and are sent with your application. In Ontario, schools say they only consider your best score, but they will see your other scores. In the US, most schools average your scores, so if you plan to apply there you don’t want to write before you are ready.

I would still advise against writing the LSAT more times than necessary. You want to write when you are fully prepared and think you will do your best. But, this new policy should alleviate some stress, as you have more chances to write if you get overcome by test jitters/nerves and don’t reach your full potential.

You can see more about the policy on the LSAC site:

The other BIG news for the LSAT is that LSAC is adding an additional test sitting for 2018. There will now be a July LSAT sitting in addition to the usual June, September and November sittings. For 2019, there will be even more sittings with a sitting in January, March, June, and July already listed by LSAC, and there will likely be the usual September and November/December sitting as well.

The added dates give you more chances to write. As always, you should start preparing early for the exam, but if you don’t feel ready by your target test date you will have more test dates than ever to choose from. This will help ensure you can write the test when you are fully prepared and reach your full potential!

You can see more about the upcoming test dates at: