The LSAT is going Digital

The LSAT is officially going digital in July 2019. That means if you want to write the traditional paper-pencil format you need to write your LSAT by June 2019 at the latest.

For the July LSAT, some test takers will still be given the paper-pencil format and the others will be given the digital format. This is to ease into the transition and to make sure there is no disadvantage for writing in the digital format. But, since this is the first digital test LSAC will allow you to cancel your AFTER you get to see your score. Which means this is a perfect time to write the test! If you don’t score as well as you’d like — CANCEL your score — and no law school will ever know what you scored! Also, to sweeten the pot, if you do cancel your score, then you will get to re-write the LSAT for FREE sometime anytime before April 2020.

To read more about this  – see what they have to say on the LSAC site: