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Very helpful

I studied with Dan for a couple of months to prepare for the June LSAT Flex test. I was struggling a lot with logic games prior to seeking help and Dan provided me with a lot of great tips and tricks. I scored a lot higher than when I previously was studying myself!

by Gurvir Gill on Tara's LSAT Tutoring

I worked with Dan for almost the entirety of the summer preparing for the August FLEX. I had previously self studied for about 4 or 5 months and improved to the mid-160s and hit a plateau. Dan is an excellent teacher, and he has a lot of valuable insights that take you from just a good test taker to a great one. He helped me unlearn bad habits and showed a lot of shortcuts to eliminating answer choices on LR, as well as methods to know which answer choices to test first in LG so that time isn’t wasted. I honestly think the highest quality studying I did throughout my entire LSAT journey was with Dan, and I walked out of the exam confident that I had done well. Thanks for all of your help, hoping for some good news on score release day!

Highly recommend!

Tara and her tutors helped me so much to get ready for the LSAT Flex. I am so grateful because it kept me on track and I could finally understand concepts. I tried self studying with a Kaplan book and trust me..... START WITH A TUTOR. I worked with Michael and he was the best! He really helped me identify weaknesses, improve timing and keep a positive mindset (which is hard for me). I struggle with anxiety and the support and encouragement Michael and Tara provided me is really appreciated. I reached out so many times in a panic and they were always willing to dedicate the time to respond. Tara and Michael really care for their students.

by Marlene on Tara's LSAT Tutoring
Thank you

Just got my LSAT score back today and I scored a 167! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Tara was amazing at helping me prep for the LSAT. the weekly homework kept me on track. I often struggle with procrastinating. So I know I would have never stayed motivated without you. And thanks for always answering all of my texts about the homework even when it was at like 10 pm on a Sunday hahaha

I'd highly recommend, I wrote the November Flex and thanks to my score (95th percentile) I received offers from every school I applied to, including my dream school! Having a tutor allowed me to get concentrated help exactly where I needed it. At this point, I honestly enjoy LSAT material.

I just wrote my LSAT Flex and I felt pretty good after writing it, which is not a feeling I ever thought I'd have. But, it is all thanks to Tara's LSAT Tutors. Thank you for all your help. I am also currently working with Tara on my personal statements for law school. She has been a phenomenal help getting my statement in shape. I think we've sent about 5 versions back and forth but now we are just on the minor grammar edits. Thanks so much again. I will definitely recommend you to everyone!

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