LSAT Writing Section

LSAC has changed how the writing portion of the LSAT works. Students were finding it hard to concentrate on writing an essay after finishing writing the LSAT. Also, law schools really only need one sample of your writing to supplement your application. This has led to the change!

You will write the writing portion of the LSAT at a separate time after you’ve written your LSAT. You only need to write it once (regardless of how many times you write your LSAT). You can write it from anywhere that has internet access as long as you do it through their program. You can read more about it here:

The writing portion is ungraded, but it does get sent along with your application. This section tests your ability to develop an argument, which is basically what law school is all about. You want to ensure your essay sounds polished and is an excellent example of your writing.

Tara offers remote lessons on the writing section, via e-mail, to help make sure you know how to write your argument properly and to ensure that your sample will be an asset to your application.

Help with the Writing section is a $100 flat fee with Tara. Also, help with writing your personal statement (for law school applications) is also a $100 flat fee if you’d like help with that as well.