LSAT-Flex during Covid-19 Pandemic

LSAC is offering an online sitting of the LSAT for May test takers from the comfort of their own homes. You will be virtually proctored and it will be recorded so that it can be reviewed later to ensure the test is secure.

Who can take this test?

“For the first administration of the LSAT-Flex, which will occur during the week of May 18, 2020, anyone who was registered for the April 2020 LSAT as of April 7 — including March registrants who were moved to the April test when March was canceled — was automatically registered for the May LSAT-Flex, unless they chose to receive a coupon to use for a different LSAT date.”

Will there be more LSAT Flex tests?

“Depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, it is possible we may administer one or more additional LSAT-Flex exams, but it is too soon to tell.”

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