Lesson Plan

The way I teach will change depending on how much knowledge of the LSAT you already have. If you have taken a prep course already, for example, but are just looking to boost your score I will create a unique plan for you based on your strengths and weaknesses. However, most people seeking tutoring are looking for help on the entire test. If you are looking for help on the whole test I can break the LSAT down for you, similar to how a prep course would, but I will be able to give you individualized help, unlike a prep class, and breakdown each section in multiple different ways until you can fully understand it.

I have also created outlines to help guide your understanding of each question type within each section of the LSAT, which we will go over at the beginning of each lesson. If you are looking for help on the entire LSAT, we will begin by going over the Logical Reasoning section. I start here because this section makes up 50% of the test. The skills learned on the LR section are also translatable to the Reading Comprehension section of the test. They will ask you the same question types, but instead of applying your skills to one paragraph it is to an entire passage. There are always Main Point, Role of Statement, Inference and Strengthen and Weaken question on the RC section as well.

The Logical Reasoning Section is made up of 11 main question types. Each skill builds off one another. The main skill is to be able to spot conclusions, which is why I begin by teaching the Main Point question type. Each of the remaining question types build off this skill. For example, what is the mistake the author made in reaching their conclusion (for a flaw question). I will go over tips of how to attack each of these 11 types with you and we will go over questions for each type as well so that you can see how to apply these tricks to the LSAT questions. Also, you will learn you to spot the typical “wrong answers” and learn to understand/spot all of the typical tricks the LSAT test writers like to try to tempt you with.

Then we will go over the Reading Comprehension section. This makes up 25% of the test, but you will have already learned all of the basic skills for how to attack these questions. The main skills you will still need to learn are: how to read actively, and pull out the important information from the passage quickly and efficiently. It won’t take too long to learn this section of the test since you will have already spent so much time mastering your skills in the LR section.

Next we will go over the games section of the test. Which is actually called the Analytical Reasoning section. A lot of people find this section the hardest, BUT it is actually the easiest section to get perfect on. Once you know how to draw your basic diagrams for each of the 5 main question types and you understand how to make deductions, the games should become relatively easy. I will also help you learn how to spot if the game should have a lot of deductions or if it may have none right at the beginning of each game.

Finally, we will go over some quick tips for how to write an effective essay for the writing section of the test. This section is ungraded! So we won’t need to spend much time on it. Basically, this portion gets sent along with your application and the law schools are just looking to see that you can develop an argument. Law school is all about being able to argue for either side of a case. So in this section it doesn’t matter which choice you argue for as long as you can show why it is the best option and why the other option isn’t so great.

Also, if you need any help with the application process I would be happy to give you guidance. I have helped with/edited many of my client’s personal statements.

Should you choose to pursue tutoring online or in-person it does not really make any difference. I am able to help all of my clients equally. Some people prefer online so that they can fit tutoring into their busy schedule without the hassle of commuting, but if you prefer in person tutoring I am happy to meet you at a library that is central to both of us!