Benefits of a Private Tutor over an LSAT Prep Course

There are multiple benefits of a private tutor over using a prep course:

  1. Your study plan is individualized to you: You are not just one of 30+ students in a class. The lessons are geared around your personal strengths and weakness, and can move at a pace that works best for you.
  2. We do questions from all levels of difficulty: In a prep course they often focus on “easier” questions within each question type since it is easier to teach a large group of people the “easier” questions. But, with a private tutor we can teach you the harder strategies and harder questions and find a method of attack that works for you.
  3. You will not get lost or left behind: Sometimes in a prep class they move onto a new topic before you fully understand the last one, because they have to get through certain material in a certain time frame. And once you start to fall behind, you generally get lost completely. With a private tutor we can spend more time on the topics you find more difficult or less time on the topics you pick up quickly. We move at your pace!
  4. We care about your success: With a private tutor you develop a bond/relationship with your tutor and your success is our success. You are not just one of 30 to us – in a prep course they may not even know your name. With a private tutor, you matter. You can always e-mail or text me outside of lessons if you feel stuck on a question and need help, or you just want to ask a question about the LSAT or law school.
  5. We offer comparable prices: Getting a private tutor with Tara’s LSAT Tutoring you pay similar prices to taking a prep course. However, if you want to get a private tutor through Kaplan, Powerscore, etc. you will pay double or triple our rates for tutors that do not have more experience than us (and perhaps less experience).
  6. We do everything a prep course does, just better: We will also teach you everything from the ground up. We run the majority of our lessons like a “course”. We will teach you every question type from every section of the LSAT. However, if you just need help on certain topics or sections – we can do that too!
  7. We offer flexible scheduling: We will find a time to run the lessons that works for you! So you don’t need to take the course at a specific day and time. You can let us know what time/day you prefer and we always find a way to make it work!
  8. We offer all the materials you will need for your studies: We offer outlines, questions organized by type, homework to do after the lessons, and past LSAT tests to practice on. You will have access to all the materials you need to help you on your LSAT journey.
  9. We do not waste lessons just “watching you take a test”: Usually in a 30 hour prep class, you will spend 6+ hours just writing an LSAT. We do not need to proctor you writing an LSAT – that said, we can if you think it is beneficial. But, you can also just as easily set a timer for 35 minutes per section yourself and then just let us know how you are doing/what you score.
  10. We don’t just lecture at you, we do LSAT questions with you: We will explain how to attack a specific question at the beginning of the lesson, but we will spend the majority of the lesson doing past LSAT questions. The best way to learn the LSAT is to see the tricks in action, as the test and tricks are always harder in practice than in theory. So we can show you how the topics change but the logic behind the questions stay the same. How one question’s logic will help you on other questions of that type.

Our rates start at $1200 for 20 hours of tutoring with one of Tara’s LSAT Tutors. At Powerscore, you get 10 hours of tutoring for $1350+ (We offer 10 more hours for less!). At Kaplan 10 hours of tutoring costs $2300 (Almost double our rates for half the hours). Princeton Review costs $1800 USD [$2200+ CAD] for 10 hours of tutoring (which is double our rates for half the hours again). Choose Tara’s LSAT Tutoring. Prep courses cost $1200+ – which is comparable to our tutoring rates but for less value!

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