Upcoming LSAT Test Dates & Test Changes

LSAC has released some tentative upcoming test dates for 2021 – 2022:

April 10 & April 11 2021

June 2021 (week of June 12)

August 2021 (week of August 14)

October 2021 (week of October 9)

November 2021 (week of November 13)

January 2022 (week of January 15)

February 2022 (week of February 12)

March 2022 (week of March 12)

April 2022 (week of April 30)

June 2022 (week of June 11)

LSAC has also announced that they will be keeping the 3 section format for the LSAT until at least June 2022. However, starting August 2021, they will be adding in a 4th experimental section that is ungraded so they can begin testing LSAT questions for future tests again. So they will begin offering a break between section 2 and 3 of the test. (Keep in mind – like before – you won’t know which section is the experimental one while writing the test).

Remember you are always welcome to email me any questions that you may have about the LSAT. And we hope you decide to use one of Tara’s LSAT Tutors to help you on your LSAT journey!