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Raise your LSAT Score with the help of an experienced LSAT tutor either in-person or online! Let us help you with your LSAT Prep! Studying for the LSAT can be overwhelming, but we can help you master all sections for the LSAT. We will create a study plan that is individual to you, whether you need help in only one section or all sections of the LSAT.

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Many students struggle with the logic games section. But, we will show you how to draw each type of game and make your deductions quickly and efficiently.  Also, you will learn to spot the most and least limited variables, which will help you get through the logic game questions faster. Additionally, I will show you to how to predict how many deductions you can likely make depending on what the question stems say and you will know all of the deductions to look out for on the LSAT so that you will never miss a key deduction again. Finally, you will know which answer choice to test first,  if you need to test an answer, (while others trial and error the questions), which will save you valuable seconds or even minutes on the test.

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We will also go through all of the different types of Logic Reasoning questions and I can help you understand how to tackle each type of question and spot the typical “wrong answer choices”. Also, I will help you understand what to look for when you are reading the stimulus of each particular question, whether it is an inference, assumption, flaw or any of the other 8 types, which can help you predict the right answer. You will also learn how to actively read so that you are not wasting time re-reading questions. LR makes up 50% of the test and we will help you understand how to attack the questions and avoid falling for the common LSAT trick answers.

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We will also give you tips on how to get through the reading comprehension section faster and to help you learn what to read each passage for and how to create a roadmap. The skills in Reading Comprehension are very similar to those in the Logical Reasoning section, except you need to know how to pull out the important information from a longer passage. We will help you learn how to spot what sentences or terms should be “red flags” to you as you go through the passage, which will help you predict what the questions will be about.

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Finally, we will go through tips on how to master the writing portion of the LSAT. This part is not graded, so it will only take a couple minutes to go through this section together. The LSAT is just testing your ability to develop an argument.

Tara created tip sheets for how to tackle each type of question within each of the three main sections of the LSAT that we will go over at the beginning of each session. She created these tip sheets after reading most of the LSAT books that have been written and the blogs that have been posted about the LSAT and through the knowledge she has gained after doing thousands of LSAT questions herself. These tip sheets will give you an outline of how to attack each question type on the LSAT. When you work with us you will get a copy of these outlines and thousands of LSAT questions organized by type as well as access to all the past LSAT tests.

Before your first session we will give you a diagnostic test to complete before we meet so that you will have a baseline score and you can monitor your improvement. Also, we will leave you with homework questions to do on your own after our meetings that you can work through on your own to strengthen the skills you will develop during the sessions.

**If you ever get stuck on a few of your homework questions, Tara offers free 24/7 help on those homework questions. We want you to reach your maximum potential so when you work with Tara, she is always happy to send you write-ups back of how to attack those questions you are really stuck on. Just send us a quick e-mail with the question you are stuck on and she will get back to you asap.**

The key to the LSAT is practice. You need to be putting in time to practice the skills you will learn in our sessions. Also, if you ever have a quick question when you are going through practice questions on your own we will always be available to help you outside of our sessions.

I can give you a free consultation on skype or the phone about how we will proceed with your study plan.
Tara’s hourly rate is:
$130 per hour for online LSAT tutoring

Rates starting at $55 per hour for individual LSAT tutoring from one of the other tutors. Packages vary based on tutor experience.

Look at our package rates for specific details on packages with my tutors. Our Head Tutor Dan’s packages are also listed there – he has been tutoring full-time since 2015 with Tara’s LSAT Tutoring and scored 99 percentile on his LSAT.

Our next two most experienced tutors who have almost 3 years of experience tutoring the LSAT and both scored 99 percentile on their LSAT are Jackson. Check out their package rates as well!

Also, for help editing and for advice on personal statements it is $175 with Tara. I want to help you on every step of your journey to law school! And I am happy to share my personal experiences and knowledge with you – if you have any questions about the LSAT or applications or law school, feel free to email me!

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We can meet you in the Greater Toronto Area or if you are located outside of Toronto. or don’t have time to commute, we offer LSAT tutoring via Skype. We have flexible schedules and can work around your schedule for the lessons.